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Welcome and thanks for joining me here in this journey of advocacy, education, and empowerment for clients and healthcare professionals/students. This platform serves as an educational platform for healthcare providers/students, and offers rehabilitation services for clients (all age groups) who require assistance navigating sexuality, intimacy, desire and everything in between!


An inclusive and interactive social media platform for everything Sexuality, Mental Health, Wellness & OT!


Education Consultation, Occupational Therapy & Sexuality Counseling/Coaching, Speaking Engagement Services

Peer Support sessions for capacity building and Consultation services for Sexuality and Mental Health concerns.


Articles, Webinars, and more to equip you with the right tools to create change.

Sexuality is the great battle between biology and society.

Nancy Friday

Let this be an upward spiral where we continue to learn from each other, every experience and opportunity, and from each and every client we serve!

Join me in this journey of advocacy, education, and empowerment for all! #SexIsAnADL

*Pssst, let’s define sex together!

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Sexuality, Mental Health, and OT advocate, writer, and practitioner working in adult home health care & as a school-based OT.

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